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How to Decorate Your Room for Under $100 with Connie Bandfield

How to Decorate Your Room for Under $100 with Connie Bandfield Connie Bandfield | When it comes to interior design, the one thing that puts people off is the assumed price tag. Decorating is expensive, isn’t it? Costly drapes and textiles, lengthy consultations, the hiring of tradesmen to fulfill your dreams to the tiniest detail. […]

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Interior Design Tips to Easily Transform and Refresh Your Home with Connie Bandfield

Connie Lynn Bandfield, an interior designer with a knack for understanding spaces and bringing out their maximum potential, has these tips to offer. Changing a room around doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. If you’ve just moved house and are short of time, or simply frustrated with the current state of your one […]

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Connie Lynn Bandfield shares Important Things To Know About Being an Interior Designer

Interior design is more than simply a profession. It’s an art, and, according to Connie Lynn Bandfield, a science that is utilized to help transform spaces and fit them with a healthy and more aesthetically pleasing environment. And while it’s an attractive occupation to a lot of young people, there’s much more to the job […]

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