How to Decorate Your Room for Under $100 with Connie Bandfield

How to Decorate Your Room for Under $100 with Connie Bandfield

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Connie Bandfield | When it comes to interior design, the one thing that puts people off is the assumed price tag. Decorating is expensive, isn’t it? Costly drapes and textiles, lengthy consultations, the hiring of tradesmen to fulfill your dreams to the tiniest detail. Well, yes, these are expensive, but, as with many disciplines in life, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The same is true for interior design. Sure, there are ways to blow thousands of dollars and completely rework a room from the ground up. But there are also way more budget-friendly options available, and with the help of Connie Bandfield, an interior design specialist, we’re going to explore them below.


Find secondhand furniture – or upcycle it


“Big furniture makes a massive statement.” Connie Lynn Bandfield says. “But it’s also generally extremely expensive to find furniture of more tasteful persuasion – so don’t buy it!” Instead, Connie recommends visiting any number of secondhand furniture stores or flea markets. They often get in a ton of furniture that’s either unwanted or repossessed. Wherever it’s from, secondhand furniture costs a fraction of what it costs new. If you’re someone who’s into DIY or want to learn a new skill or two, then repurposing seemingly defunct furniture is also a great way to get some stellar pieces without breaking the bank.


Grab some fairy lights


“Fairy lights are easy to find, fashionable – and cheap.” Connie Bandfield says. “Depending on how many you get, expect to pay between $10 and $20, but this is a small price to pay for the feeling they lend a room.” String the lights up on the wall, between shelves, or throw them carelessly over a desk – the effect will be to turn your room into an ethereal wonderland.


Plants, plants, plants

According to Connie Bandfield, plants are not only an inexpensive way to add color and life to your room, but they’re actually good for your health! Depending on the variety and size of the plant in question, the prices will vary, but you can generally pick up some window-pane-sized leafy guys for between $5 and $10 a pop. Plants will quickly change a dull and drab space into one brimming with vitality and color. Head down to your local nursery and for some good deals. Keep an eye out for plant pots too – they often come in a number of different funky designs which can add a whole other dimension of color! Interior design is fun with Connie! Connect with her here!

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