Why Segmenting an Open Plan Space is Important for Functionality with Connie Lynn Bandfield

Why Segmenting an Open Plan Space is Important for Functionality with Connie Lynn Bandfield

Connie Lynn Bandfield - Open Plans

Connie Lynn Bandfield – Open Plans

Open plan spaces are just the same as a blank canvas; they’re huge, clean and full of possibility – but they can also be intimidating. But worry should be the last thing you experience when tackling open plan rooms. After all, they’re so freeing in their ability to lend a multitude of different functionalities to one single space. Open planned rooms just lend an air of freedom which can’t find in other spaces and are great for letting in huge amounts of light.


However, when it comes to open plan spaces, there’s often a need to divide up the room into different sections. Not necessarily for segmenting space, but more to bring out different functionalities and give them their own specific area. Below, with the help of Connie Lynn Bandfield, we’ll take a look a number of ways of dividing an open plan space.


Use A Room Divider

“Room dividers are multipurpose.” Says Connie Lynn Bandfield. “Not only do they separate a space beautifully, but they’re also a work of art in their own right. Many room dividers double as a mural, so with a careful eye, you can select one that accentuates the theme of your current decor. A great thing about room dividers is that if you’d like to temporarily change your space for whatever reason, you can simply fold up the divider and put it to one side until you’re done.


Think About Art

Art is also wonderful as a room divider, and obviously enhances any space where it’s used. According to Connie Lynn Bandfield, any slim and freestanding piece of art is good for this purpose. Bonus points if the art is transparent, such as a tall iron piece, as it separates the space adequately without blocking the view of the room from either side, adding more depth to space.


Greenery with Connie Lynn Bandfield

Plants and shrubs are wonderful additions to any room, and Connie Lynn Bandfield insists that they’re a great way of dividing an open plan space. Erect a steel trellis or some sort of grid from which to hang planters. After that, it’s simply a case of finding plants that do well indoors and stocking up on as many as the divider can hold. Not only is this a great way of dividing a room, but the plants themselves will add life and keep the air in your apartment fresh and fragrant.

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