How to Decorate a Studio Apartment Efficiently

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment Efficiently

Connie Bandfield

Connie Bandfield

Not all spaces are made equal, and this is never truer than of a studio apartment, especially when it comes to decoration. Connie Bandfield goes into more detail below.

Studio apartments, also known as bachelor pads or a studio flat, are all the rage right now, especially if you’re a young professional who doesn’t need a lot of space. In essence, they’re all about efficiency and using the available space to its maximum utilitarian value. It combines all of the uses of multiple rooms into one single space (with the exception of the bathroom) and is perfect for someone who lives a pared down, minimal lifestyle. The only problem, however, is deciding on the right decor scheme. Connie Bandfield, an expert in interior design, offers the following tips for ensuring that your studio apartment looks great and feels like a home below.


Get Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the challenges of a studio apartment is finding the space to store everything, as well as place some quality furniture to really turn your space into a home. One of the easiest ways around this, according to Connie Bandfield, is to utilize multi-functional furniture. This means that instead of having separate couches, coffee tables, shelves, wardrobes, and beds, finding furniture that serves a dual or even triple function. Fold-away beds, coffee table/cabinet combinations as well as a sofa that functions as a fold out bed for guests – these are all ingenious ways of doubling your apartment’s usage while halving the amount of space used.


Use Moveable Dividers

“Some people like to separate the main area of a studio apartment into separate “rooms.” Connie Bandfield says. “Of course they’re not really rooms, but with the trenchant use of movable dividers, you can really give your studio apartment a sense of segmentation. These moveable dividers can consist of many things such as thin paper screens, wall-sized shelves and even a series of big pot plants. They shouldn’t be completely opaque, however, as the purpose of them is to create a sense of division without actually blocking out space completely.


Add Thoughtful Splashes of Color

“While this is certainly a matter of opinion and taste,” Connie Bandfield says. “I personally believe that small apartments and studio spaces benefit greatly from deliberate and well thought-out splashes of color.” Not only does it give the room more warmth, but it also creates points of interest for the eye to rest on, and gives a vibrancy to space which an otherwise monochrome room would lack.

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